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This message was posted by PeZ, posted on February 28, 2002 at 20:42:19 coming from 62.66.13
This message is a reply to Re: V64jr Help posted from T.Reid posted at February 28, 2002 at 19:35:20
Well thx for the help.

> > > If a game isn't working, first thing to do is check and make sure it's V64 format and not Z64 format. There are several tools that'll byteswap between the two (check Don't assume if it's *****.v64 that it's in V64 format. Next thing to check is your boot cart. There are 5 different security boot chips and if your cart's CIC dosen't match that of the rom, you'll need to use a Boot Emulator (use Universal boot emulator 1.1 by Lac). 6102 is the most common chip. Finally, the last thing to check is the save type of the rom (eeprom04, eeprom16, sram or flash) Some games won't run if the save type of the rom dosen't match that of the boot cart.

> > actually it doesn't matter if it's v64 or z64 format, either works on the jr.
> > I know I did manage to get evangelion working on mine ages ago, but can't at all remember how I did it.. but it is definately doable.

> You mean I wasted all that time unzipping, converting, rezipping all my n64 roms for nothing?!? :P

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