ok. This time i'm 100% sure.

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This message was posted by punisher, posted on February 16, 2002 at 08:39:14 coming from 195.92.168
Again this is probably nothing to do with your program (or whoever's program it is). Maybe the problems with miro machines come and go. But i'm sure there are some major problems with worms (e) running on a game doctor 7. You cannot fail to notice the graphical errors everywhere.
(eg, you cannot highlight half the stuff on the screen. You'll see.)
Note, just to clarify- the other 300 or so games i have converted do NOT have this problem.
Again, it dosn't bother me much, but i'm real curious to know what your opinion is, on why it occurs.
And anyone else with a game doctor who has similar problems with worms or micro machines, why not post, so we can find out why this happens.
Please don't say it's just me!

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