Re: Best place to get a 32mbit genesis backup device?

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This message was posted by Raistlin, posted on February 08, 2002 at 19:51:20 coming from 151.205.127
This message is a reply to Best place to get a 32mbit genesis backup device? posted from sat985 posted at February 05, 2002 at 02:18:42
> are there any RELIABLE places around that sell these?

> how about MGD2 with neo geo and genesis adapters, possible turbo grafx too:)

Good luck, unlike SNES devices, they're hard as hell to find.

Forget MGD. You're better of getting separate devices for each system you own. The MGD2 has low compatibility from what I hear. I recommend FFE products because they're usually the easiest to use and work with the most games. I currently own an SWCDX2 for my SNES and an SMG for my TG. I also have an MGH I use with the Genesis, but I'm looking for an SMD because it's such a pain in the ass to use. You have to convert BIN to SMD with either Bin2SMD or Duper (the only 2 utilities that will do it at all). Then convert with Ucon64 to MGD/MGH format. Then split with regular Ucon (splitting with Ucon64 will give the files an .008 extension and the copier will not ask for the next disk, because the extension for split files is .078). This may be fixed in version 0.9.7 but I have not tried it. You can (and should) write batch files to automate the process, but it does take a while to convert the games even with automation. And I still need to go buy about 150 floppies to throw all the files on. And the way it names the files, it can be hard to recognize many of the games' names. For these reasons, I wouldn't really recommend it, but it does work. The fact that it's only 16 Mbit is not as big a deal as some would make of it, there really aren't that many 24 and 32 Mbit games for Genesis actually. Still, I recommend you try to find an SMD or SMD+.

You have one viable option for TG16, the Super Magic Griffon. It only comes with 8M and cannot be upgraded. Still, there's only one game too big for it's memory -- SF2CE, which the person who sold my SMG included in the package for an extra $15). You need to buy a Core Grafx if the person who sells you the Super Magic Griffon does not include it also (the person I bought mine from did). It won't work on US machines (won't fit). They are not hard to find on the net though. Make certain they also include the Floppy Drive (or at least the interface for it) if you will not be hooking it to your PC. It uses a normal floppy drive, but you have to put it in a not so normal parallel port adapter. Though I definitely recommend hooking it to a PC (It works with the same VGS utility you use to send to the SWCDX2). You also have to decrypt any encrypted US ROMs with a utility like PCEToy (any US game you dump with it will be encrypted, unless you have a converter hooked to it). US games have to be hacked to work on it. PCEToy can only remove the hack (the utility's author must have a few screws loose, there's no practical reason to remove it, and the game won't work if you do) but I've made a utility with A-Patch that can automate the process (I'll e-mail it to anyone who needs a copy -- thinking of sending ZD a copy as well). FYI, search string is AD 00 10 29 40 F0. Change the F0 to 80. Fortunately, most ROMs found on the net are already decrypted and hacked.

If you're still thinking about MGD2 for Neo Geo, it's not worth it for that either. From what I can tell, it cannot work with the larger games, only stuff like NAM1975 and Magician Lord (you won't be playing Samurai Showdown IV or any of the KOF games with it). You're better of just sticking with MAME and playing NG on your PC.

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