Re: 50Hz Pal SNES+SWCDX2: problems with Hi-ROM games (read)

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This message was posted by Saeba, posted on January 25, 2002 at 16:55:46 coming from 62.175.72
This message is a reply to 50Hz Pal SNES+SWCDX2: problems with Hi-ROM games (read) posted from wiepo posted at January 23, 2002 at 14:49:46
> Hi, apperantly I have the same problems as Seaba. Al games with hi-
> rom have fuck*d sound. It goes faster than it should go. Final Fantasy4
> Tales of Phantasia and so on.
> What can I do about Hi-rom??
> So that it sounds good again??

Tales of Phantasia gets worse sound in my Super NES PAL that in my japanese Super Famicom due to 50 f*cking Hzs ;)
Final Fantasy 4? Don't you mean Final Fantasy 3 (or VI)? Final Fantasy 2 (or IV) is old for being HiROM, afaik.

Btw, when/where did you buy this copier?


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