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This message was posted by Arakon, posted on January 25, 2002 at 04:09:35 coming from 217.228.133
This message is a reply to Re: game doctor sf7 posted from The Dumper posted at January 24, 2002 at 16:47:56
> > I just bought a game doctor sf7. When i try to to run anything from the floppy drive i get a disk error (RDST)
> > Does anyone else have this problem?
> > Im using a 9 volt uk snes adaptor on the gamedoctor. And i think i have 64mb ram but i get errors when i run self test.Anyone? Any info is appreciated.

> Is your PS 9VDC? Center negative? What's the amperage rating?

> Errors on the self test are bad. What errors are you getting? Why do you think it has 64mb?

> Can you back up a game to dram and run it? What about with the floppy disconnected?

the european SNES power supply is 9 V AC! do NOT use it anymore, or you will destroy the GDSF7.. you can use a UK megadrive power supply, for example, but NOT a snes one!

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