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This message was posted by Ruttiger, posted on January 22, 2002 at 20:08:21 coming from 193.153.154
This message is a reply to Re: Problems with splitted roms posted from Arakon posted at January 22, 2002 at 19:47:50
> > I have a MGH (Multi Game Hunter) and I'm not able to play genesis splitted roms. I convert them correctly with Ucon, but when I split them and try to run on MGH they don't work. Can someone tell me how to split this games, please?

> works fine for me.
> if I remember right, the filename has to look like this:

> MDxxxxxA.078 for the first file (the x's being anything you want), MDxxxxxB.078 for the second, etc.
> it has to start with MD, and the 8th letter has to be A, B, C etc for the correct part. there can be no spaces in the filename, and if the name is shorter than 8, you have to fill it up, i.e. MDsonicA.078 would be valid, or MDgame_A.078.

My filenames are in that form too, and MGH load them right, but at the end it appears a black screen, or even the menu freezes.
Could be possible that you send to me a splitted rom (a 512kb splitted in two of 256kb) that works for you, so I can test a good splitted rom?
It would be really useful for me please.

Thank you for your first answer.

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