Re: Is there any device like the SWC made for the NES?

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This message was posted by Chris, posted on January 11, 2002 at 15:39:46 coming from 216.251.129
This message is a reply to Re: Is there any device like the SWC made for the NES? posted from JD posted at January 11, 2002 at 12:48:01
> I really don't want to bad mouth the PC jr, But I have heard that it only emulates 4 mappers. I myself have no experience with the unit. I'm on the search for a Multi Game Doctor 1 Famicom I/O. If you have the composite A/V famicom, and MGD with adaptor It will play roms from all regions.

The PCJr emulates about 6 mappers natively. But that isn't an accurate representation of what it does. It may emulate only 6 of the hundreds of mappers out there, but that still represents 95% of all NES games, and about 75% of Famicom games.

I doubt that the Famicom MGD1 emulates as many mappers as the PCJr, but without any hard data about that system, we can't know for sure.

Technical info about the PCJr is still available here:

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