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This message was posted by Jigsaw, posted on January 09, 2002 at 18:49:09 coming from 161.184.218
This message is a reply to Re: DSP Cartridge Questions posted from The Dumper posted at January 08, 2002 at 14:59:07
> > First of all, how well does the DSP dummy cart work? Will it run all of my DSP-1 games? Secondly, does anyone know of a place that sells it?

> > Jigsaw

> It seems to work for most HiRom DSP1 games and for Pilotwings with a patch but I wouldn't suggest buying one because you can use a DSP1A or DSP1B cart and it works just as well and you can pick up those carts a lot cheaper than you can a generic DSP cart. Other DSP games such as DSP2 and DSP4 won't work with either of these solutions.

> Something like a Suzuka 8 Hours or a Ballz should work.

Ah, I was under the impression that the DSP game would only run the same ROM. Will Super Mario Kart do? It works fine for the patched version of Pilotwings...will it run other ROMs too or will I have to pick up a different game?


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