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This message was posted by Jigsaw, posted on January 08, 2002 at 14:40:59 coming from 24.70.95
This message is a reply to SNES Gamestation + Doctor Pc Junior posted from Taper posted at January 08, 2002 at 07:44:29
> I am very interested in the Snes Gamestation, the one being a snes, SF7 and CD-rom unit in one. I have looked for a lot of info on it. Some say it's a very good machine, others say it's pure crap. What's the real deal here?

> I know it got no cartslot and that it can't run DSP or FX chipped games, and that doesn't bother me at all. I want an easy to use snes with a lot of games on CD, will the Gamestation do a decent job considering this?

> I asked one reseller about info on the Gamestation, and got the reply that it uses *.smc files and that it contains an ordinary IDE CD, that is easy to replace if it breaks.

> But here in the forum I heard just the opposit, that it doesn't use *.smc format (SF7 got another fileformat then, I guess), and that it's not an ordiniray IDE drive. What is true?!

> And, if the Gamestation uses another format than *.smc, how much work is it to convert the roms into the right format and get them to run? I know there are utils, but does it require much job and munual settings for each game? Do I have to split the *.smc files into smaller multipel files in the other format to get them to run on the SF7, eventhough I'm running from Cd and not disks? If someone could share some info about this I'd be very glad!

> Also, what quality is the Gamestation in, does it break easily? I read here that the sound isn't as good as on an original snes, but then again many people here seems to quote eachother saying that the Gamestation is crap although they never tried one themselved... Anyone having first-hand experience?

> Finally, I saw someone here asking about the Doctor Pc junior NES developement station. It was a pretty old message, but if those persons haven't found the DOS disks for Doctor Pc Jr yet, check out

> Thanks in advance!

Well, when it used to be in its prime, there were a lot of complaints about it on this message board. People complained about everything from power problems to the sound not sounding like it should. I haven't used it myself though, I'm sure under normal circumstances that it runs games decently enough. The only downside is you'll need a floppy drive to save your games with...I believe it has to be outside of the unit if I'm not mistaken.

I myself am a proud Super Wild Card DX2 owner - I don't believe in emulation by software or hardware unless I don't have a choice. And I can't stand using floppies, so I don't. The thing with the SWC DX2 is that you can connect it to your computer via a parallel cable. Then by using a program called VGS, you can easily load games from your computer's hard drive. I made things one step easier. I associated *.SMC files with the VGS program, so now when I double-click a ROM and my SNES is on, it loads. Downsides of this? Well, parallel cable transfer rates are not known for their speed. A large ROM like ToP may take you 30-40 seconds to load, compared to 2-3 minutes on floppy disks. Most other games load fairly quick. Another downside is that you'll have to disconnect the parallel cable from either your copier or your computer each time you turn your SNES on. I'm assuming this is because the voltage doesn't let the SNES' RAM completely power down. I've heard you can cut the pins that supply the voltage but I haven't tried this yet. I myself use a switchbox.

I hope I didn't bore you with SWC DX2 propaganda.


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