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This message was posted by stratjakt, posted on January 05, 2002 at 14:11:57 coming from 162.33.117
This message is a reply to Re: NB questions about Super UFO 8 posted from Chris posted at January 05, 2002 at 13:50:09
> I don't know about that SRAM problem. It could be two things: one, your computer can't read 1.6MB floppies if you're using those (I've seen this sometimes). Two, you might be saving your SRAM files with invalid characters (like the Japanese alphabet that you can use on the UFO.)

thanks for all the info..

just as a note for all future newbies who might read this thread..

jap/euro games seem to work fine now.. i guess it was a fluke last night that i chose a dozen or so bad formats..

the fig/split thing makes games work that crashed during transfer, not sure what causes this.. i chalk this up to the proliferation of roms fixed to run in emus, and not copiers.. bad headers or whatever.. ucon64 cleans em up though..

and the sram thing.. weird, happens even if i save to a 1.44mb floppy, with filenames like DKC3.RAM.. i can image the disk with winimage, and then extract the save from the image (winimage wont work with 1.6m disk thou), so i guess thats an acceptable workaround.. im wondering if its a win2k thing.. later when im not feeling so lazy i suppose i'll head downstairs and use the winme box, see if it works any different..

now, one last round of questions.. ucon64 can convert zsnes/snes95 .srm files to .ram for the UFO.. is there anything that can convert ufo saves to .ram for the emus? what about savestates, is it possible to convert those for use in any emus?

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