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This message was posted by neviksti, posted on December 20, 2001 at 11:19:40 coming from 144.54.3
This message is a reply to Re: Urgent, play my game! posted from The Dumper posted at December 20, 2001 at 02:32:29
> Not that I want to admit it but in my work I've had the opportunity to
>plug in a cart backwards once or twice. This happened to me because I
>had taken the PCBs out of the carts for testing and it's much easier to
>plug them in backwards when they're out of the shell because the
>component side of the PCB, what I think of as the front, has to be
>oriented to the back of the system.

Heh, I've done that too. ... several times.

> The good news is that the carts seem to handle this well. The SNES
>on the other hand is not so forgiving.

Really, I've had the exact opposite happen.
The SNES is always ok. The cart (if it has battery backed ram) ... something fries in on the SRAM battery backup part (never cared enough to figure out what exactly fried). So the game still works ... but I can't save data.

If the cart doesn't have a battery, one of the chips gets fried. Someone sent me a TopGear3000 they did this too ... it looks like they fried the security chip, the address decoder, the rom, AND the DSP. What the heck! Usually only one thing fries. I think there's something he 'forgot to mention' ;)

But, if you notice real quick ... everything is ok. Chips have quite a bit of internal protection.


anyway, TheDumper's right ... go for the power supply.

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