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Re: eBay auction: Super Bomberman 3 English NTSC

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This message was posted by neviksti, posted on December 19, 2001 at 15:10:40 coming from 144.54.3
This message is a reply to Re: eBay auction: Super Bomberman 3 English NTSC posted from The Dumper posted at December 19, 2001 at 13:44:05

> Of course if you just sell an empty flash cart for development purposes that would keep it above board too.

Well, I'm really just making it for myself. Primarily for developement purposes ... but after doing all this work I'm sure I'll want to give some of the translations a try as well.

Like you said in one of your other posts ... if you're working on something interesting, its not work, its fun. I'm not going to be selling any. Because after I make mine, the work necessary wouldn't really be worth it to me (I HATE surface mount soldering).

I was just suggesting another route if he didn't want to pay that much trying to use the original board + EPROM. BTW, how the heck do you get a 'converter' socket and a chip to fit between the board and the plastic of the cartridge. My current flash cartridge was made like that ... and it doesn't fit in the plastic case anymore.

Once I get one of these 'cartridges' made I'll have my own flash writer (well, one that can write more than 4Mbit which is all my current cart does) ... so I'd be able to write my games to a flash, solder it on a board (leaving out all the other stuff needed only to make it a 'developer cart'), and I'd have my own games ... in a real cart!

If I ever finish making a SNES game, and its any good, I might make some of these for friends if they pay for the flash chip.

However, I'm having trouble finding people who can program and are interested in making a SNES game. So far the two seem mutually exclusive :) Everyone who can't program seems to love to give advice... hahaha.

have you ever fiddled with SNES code?... or do you really only enjoy the hardware?

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