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This message was posted by The Dumper, posted on December 17, 2001 at 23:29:21 coming from 209.204.139
This message is a reply to Re: eBay auction: Super Bomberman 3 English NTSC posted from Joe posted at December 17, 2001 at 01:24:56
> > > > Mmmm...Tales of Phantasia (in English!) and Terrinigma (NTSC!) on a cart..yummy :)

> > > Yeah, I'd pay a lot for Seiken Densetsu 3, FF5, and Der Langrisser.

> > > It would benefit everyone too. We would get carts that played in our US SNES's in English, The Dumper would get money and recognition. We'd have to get translation patch owners permission, but I think they would agree to it.

> > > It'd be damn cool.

> > It would be cool but the effort involved is large. I'm going to a do a handful just because it is so cool but it's too much work for me to do a bunch of them.

> > Also, you can't just use any translation and run it on your SNES. There are hardware nuances that must be taken into account. Not many people have the knowledge to fix the problems that need to be fixed to make games run on hardware. Quite a few translations don't run well on hardware for that reason. The problem is that the emulators don't emulate the hardware exactly and many translators never test on hardware. Before I commit to doing any translation I want to have a good feel that it works on HW and doesn't have any show stopper bugs.

> > My first translation cart was J2e's FF4. I've done one for givaway in a contest on the J2e site when Anus P has a chance to set it up.

> > Coincidentally I already did a couple of SD3's for Neil Corlett. It turns out Neil isn't thrilled at the idea of turning them loose on eBay so unless he or the friend he's giving one to let's them go I don't think you'll be seeing those. These were real masterpieces though. I could hardly believe how well they turned out -- and I made them!

> > Probably my next conversion will be ToP. Dark Force is jazzed about this one so you might see a couple sold through the DeJap site or eBay. Not many though because of the work involved and the cost. Just to buy the Japanese cart is around $50. The cost of doing carts greater than 16Mb is huge and ToP is even worse because it uses two ROMs. It will cost me more to make a ToP conversion than we'll probably get anyone to pay but we'll see. I'm waiting for DF to come out with an updated patch before I roll on this one.

> First off, you are the Man. No one even comes close to your SNES mastery and I have nothing but admiration for your awesomeness.

> I would think that if a patch works well on an SWCDX2, then it would function well enough on a real SNES though. I haven't seen any problems with the games I mentioned. Of course, you would know better than me.

> Moneywise, I used to think that Ebay wasn't the way to go. I always thought if you gave a set price to feverish collectors such as myself that you could turn a profit for you and even the translators if they wanted kickback. I would much rather pay you than buy an Eprom programmer. Not to mention I'm a novice at all things electronic. But if you say it's too expensive, I have to take your word for it.

> And with this sillyness going around,


> I'm surprised you and Neil Corlett aren't auctioning an SD3 cart everyday.

> Anyway, enough of my ranting. I wish you the greatest of luck on your ToP cart. Maybe one day this stuff will be affordable for all.

You are right, that's the real test is to play it on a backup unit and see how it works. I don't even have the time to test every game I haven't looked at Der Langrisser.

I was thinking of a Terranigma conversion too. I had heard someone here on this board mention that the speed was off slightly if you just ran it on an NTSC system and that it usually didn't matter except one part of the game was very difficult to complete at NTSC timings. Do you know anything about that?

If I thought there was a better way to reach potential buyers I'd definitely consider it.

You don't have to rich to afford a ToP conversion, but it helps. I guess I didn't want people to think I was ripping them off (although I don't know why I should care). I'll give you an idea of my costs: Used ToP game in good condition $50+ (EMS shipping from Japan $12), two 32Mb EPROMs 2x$45=$90, adapters to mount the EPROMs in the cart 2x$22=$44, new battery for the SRAM $2. So not counting the boatload of my sweat and tears we're already up to $198 and I'm not doing this for my health so it would have to be significantly more than that. I probably wouldn't consider it for less than $300 (and then I'd be pretty upset if I saw it sold on eBay for like $500). Of course ToP is going to be one of the most if not the most expensive conversion. Games 16Mbit and under can be done for a much cheaper hardware outlay but require more labor which is my least favorite thing to put in to something I'm not going to keep for myself.

A lot of people probably would say it wasn't worth the money. They can enjoy the same game on backup unit and that's fine with me. What do you think? Does a ToP conversion fit your budget. If so I'll consider it.

If you're interested in another translation let me know what it is. My usually busy schedule will free up somewhat after xmas for an unkown period so I may have time to do one or two.

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