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How does the Battery SRAM normally work on the Genesis?

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This message was posted by Cryect, posted on December 16, 2001 at 18:05:59 coming from 128.220.194
All I know mainly is this from the gamemedic info thats out there.

"4. Battery Backed up RAM Games

When A21 goes high, then the chip select (*CS) of the battery backed
up RAM is active (low). Just connect *CS, *OE, *WE and the rest of
the address and data lines to the SRAM."

Just wondering has anyone found any of this to be contradictory for any games.

Also I have inspected Sonic 3 and noticed it uses a RAMTRON chip that they no longer seem to supply info on. I doubt regular SRAM saves will work for that and just wondering if thats correct or can a SRAM in place of that RAMTRON non-volatile chip work fine?

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