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This message was posted by Utopium, posted on December 10, 2001 at 23:53:27 coming from 162.33.63
This message is a reply to Re: Your gut feeling is way off my friend NT posted from Frank posted at December 10, 2001 at 20:59:34
Sure it would be cool, but you can really do a simple hack to make SNES games work on the GBA. While the GBA hardware was modeled in a similar fasion to the SNES, here are reasons your idea won't work:

SNES CPU - 16-bit 65c816, accumulator based processor, ~2.5Mhz-3.5Mhz
GBA CPU - 32-bit ARM, register file based RISC processor, ~16Mhz

1) These are two radically different architectures with different instruction sets. Just look at the assembly code for each of these and you'll quickly see the difference.

2) The 65c816 uses 24-bit memory addresses while the ARM uses 32-bit addresses. Locations for video memory, storage of sprite locations, and other things are referenced in different places.

3) The GBA runs faster than the SNES, so timings would be thrown off and SNES games would run too fast.

4) The SNES has a screen resolution of 256x240 (or something close to that) while the GBA only has a resolution of 240x160. Even if the CPU's were the same for both you still wouldn't be able to see everything on the GBA screen.

Theres lots of other smaller issues to, but I don't think I need to waste anymore time. If you want to play an SNES game on the GBA, your best bet is to wait until some company has rewritten it. So far the only games I know of that are direct ports are Earthworm Jim and the soon to be released Super Mario World.

> > > Yeah I was wondering whether there is a current project where SNES roms are being hacked to be made playable on the Game Boy Advance using the Flash Advance 256Mbit cards. I have a gut feeling that it should work and would be pretty damn cool if you could walk around playing SNES games on a Game Boy Advance. Don't you guys agree?

> Yeah but wouldn't it be cool though? And besides.......what makes you so sure it won't happen?

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