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This message was posted by JD, posted on December 06, 2001 at 23:56:12 coming from 209.69.192
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Hey Group,
My name is John, But I go by JD. I'de like to become an active member of this board. A little backround about my self: I've been collecting rom files for about 5 years. I must have close to about 9000. I quit counting them a long time ago :> I frequent the alt.binaries.emulators news groups. Also Emuviews since it opened till it closed, Daves now vg-network,, ect. I enjoy emulators, But nothing beats playing on the original console. I've recently bought a V64, A Multi Game Hunter[gray base upgrade able unit], And a Multi Game Doctor 2 with Snes DRAM, 16m DRAM, and cable.I've inquired about the Genesis DRAM adaptor and am waiting for a reply.
I'm also eyeing a Super Magicom + Super Magic Drive both still in the box :> These are my first actual Backup units. I'm hopeing that the long time members here will be willing to share there knowledge and expertise. Just please remember that I'm new to backup units before you flame me to death :> Anyways, I'm pleased to introduce my self and am looking forward to much stimulating conversation.

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