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This message was posted by Rob, posted on December 05, 2001 at 15:25:19 coming from 212.126.133
This message is a reply to Back in the day.... (reminiscing) posted from T.Reid posted at December 04, 2001 at 17:33:50
can you get some pictures of that cart for me, for the pirate carts section of my site? I assume it did'nt come with a manual or box(?)

Do you know how beta ROMs got into the public domain from CES shows?


> I don't know how many of you were into copiers in the early 90s, but for those of you that were, how did you get your games?

> I got most of mine from my work: I was a clerk at a videogame store that had a rental section :) You can guess what I was doing when there weren't any customers around :)

> Back then I was on the internet alot...but this was a few years before webbrowsers were around. Back then it was mainly email and reading news groups. I wondered over to chat rooms that offered the latest scene releases with the type of a trigger once in a while but didn't really figure it out too well. But I do remember snagging a few games this way...

> Finally, a friend through work got ahold of some BBS number in Taiwan. We'd all pitch in $10 or so and he'd hook up to it with his x00 baud modem and d/l all the new stuff over night. (the $10 went to his long distance bills :P) This is where I got most of the 'interesting' stuff of the time: Japanese titles, betas (from CES shows), MarioPaint hacked to use controlpad, the infamous Street Fighter 2 - 12 player hack, etc (stuff you usually wouldn't see in the states).

> I remember we'd get the newest games a few weeks before they hit store shelves, and I'd set up my copier at work (under the counter) and let customers try the newest games before they were out.

> I kinda quit copiers in 94 because I was moving to Taiwan. The last big game before I left was Mortal Kombat II (beta) for SNES. This was the first 32Mbit game (the final was 24M). 32M copiers were available, but not widely purchased. The 32Mbit version of MK2 (the beta)'s intro has the words "Anthrox" (i think that's how it was spelled) on the bottom of the screen. When I was moved to taiwan, i noticed that snes carts were much cheaper than in the us. I asked a videogame store about mk2 and he had to special order it. When he got it in (a few days later) I tested it out before I bought it...and guess what? It was the beta version (the final version had been out for quite some time by now). It was then that I realized that the carts they sold over there were copied ROMs that they had d/l'ed off the 'net or some BBS.

> Ahhhh....those were the days :P

> BTW, I did eventually find the _final_ MK2 cart, and still own it today! :)

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