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Re: Phantasy Star MD

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This message was posted by Matthias, posted on December 05, 2001 at 11:46:09 coming from 217.80.87
This message is a reply to Re: Phantasy Star MD posted from Arakon posted at December 04, 2001 at 19:04:33
> > Well i read somewhere that there
> > were a program to covert sms roms ->
> > smd. Is there such a program?

> no. the genesis has to be switched by a hardware in the cart into the SMS mode, it can't be done by software.

Well, you can play SMS games by adding a proper SMD header to it. Only difference to the normal SMD header is that byte #2 has to be 01 instead of 03. Charles McDonalds SMD send util does that automatically when you send games via parallel port.

Only about 50% of the games I've tried work with the SMD, though... and Phantasy Star was not one of them.

> > Could work afterall there is a GG->SMD
> > right?!

> that one was bullshit, I believe. I tested about 30 games and none of them worked. someone claimed it worked with a single game out of like 150 he tried, but I never got proof of that.

I've tried it with Super Offroad, which kind of worked for me... colours were completely messed up, though. This programme doesn't convert anything anyways, it just adds a SMD header to the ROM image.

-- Matthias

When I load SMS games I always have to reset my MD directly after, 'cause it only displays a black screen when it's finished... maybe that's why you couldn't get that SMS -> SMD "converter" to work?

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