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This message was posted by Fat_Mike, posted on December 04, 2001 at 14:44:58 coming from 65.94.191
This message is a reply to Re: Hey The Dumper(TxT posted from The Dumper posted at December 04, 2001 at 13:07:50
Well, if you can replace the chip after, I don't see any problems with that.

> I may want to remove the two unknown chips which I suspect are some type of PLD's and try to determine their configuration which would make the task easier, so I don't want to mess with your board but thanks for the offer.

> One thing you might try is seeing if you can gently peel up the labels without damaging them (on the two chips with labels) and read the part numbers off the chips.

> > Arg, I tought it was a 32Mbits cart damnit;) Anyway, it's still a nice piece of hardware to have in your collection. And yes it was used in some participating Blockbuster and
> > were shipped back to Sega. If you would find one, would you have to modify or solder on the board? Because if you don't plan on altering the cart and still have interest in
> > playing with even if you know you will have to send it back, I could lend it to you for some time.

> > Thanks alot,

> > Mike

> > > I can't see from the scans but I'm guessing since it looks like from what I can see that there are no connections on some important edge pins that this must be a 4 layer board. The PCB probably has traces in the middle where you can't see.

> > > This is about the coolest Genesis cart ever. My sources tell me (OK, web search) that this was used by Blockbuster to load games on for rental.

> > > It looks like your cart doesn't have a game loaded in it. Your cart appears to be a 16Mbit flash cart (2 x 8Mb flash chips) upgradeable to 32Mbit by adding two more chips on the back (notice the difference in the part #'s, one is probably a reverse pinout).

> > > More good news, since there is no ASIC on it, it probably uses a fairly simple signal select for programming so you might be able to figure out how to program games into it.

> > > If you spot any more of these carts let me know. I'll try to pick one up and play around with it.

> > >
> > > > You will understand what I mean by the connection from the edge cart connector go nowhere in the cart.

> > > > Back of the PCB
> > > >
Front of the PCB
> > > >
Cart in casing
> > > >

> > > > Tell me what you think of it,

> > > > Thanks alot,

> > > > Mike

> > > > > SP720's are ESD protection devices. I fail to see why anyone would use them on a cart design at all unless the flash chips they were using were poorly designed and prone to ESD failure or they just didn't know what they were doing.

> > > > > You should be able to use the cart without the SP720's (if it's usable at all).

> > > > >
> > > > > > I just found out that I forgot to crack my cute ftp when I re-installed my system. The trial is over, so I will download a cracked version and will upload the pic after. The edge connector connection seem to be supposed to go in some IC labeled SP720AP, but those chip aren't there. Those chips seem to have been hand-removed, this is why I wanted to check if there was any game hided on the cart, but I guess it has nothing on it. Very weird cart indeed.

> > > > > > Thanks alot,

> > > > > > Mike

> > > > > > > > Well, I have a licensed 32mbits flash cart with battery backup for the Genesis for quite some time and was wondering if there could be a way to either program it, or more likely, find some game on it. When I insert it in a genesis unit, nothing come up, so the cart must be empty, but when I opened it, I found out that there is no pins from the cart connector that go anywhere except for the ground if I remember well. I have some Hi-Res pic of the gut of the cart if you are interested in it.

> > > > > ...

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