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This message was posted by sn0wman, posted on December 03, 2001 at 16:44:21 coming from 63.124.241
This message is a reply to Re: What exactly is HiROM? posted from The Dumper posted at December 03, 2001 at 11:52:49
> > What exactly is HiROM? I know bigger and knewer SNES games use it. I don't think my copier (a Super Disk Interceptor) has a HiROM decoder. I tried to run Mario no Super Picross (J) on it and the game just comes up blank screen. inSNESt tells me it is HiROM... Could that be why it doesn't work? Is there a way to get around not having a HiROM decoder?

> Did you convert the ROM to your Super Disk Interceptor format? I looked at Red #9's blurb on this unit and it isn't flattering.


I'll try converting it to my SDI's native format. And that Red #9 blurb has a lot of info. To set the record straight, you can just copy ROMs in SMC format to a floppy. There is no need to convert to it's special game format if the game will fit on one disk. If it's a multi-game disk, then and only then do you need to use the special convertor program. The unit is very easy to use, unless your a complete moron. You pop in a disk. If there's just one game, it auto-boots. If there's multiple, a list of file names comes up to choose. How hard ;-)
BTW, the copier only has 16mbits of RAM. I am using Killer Instinct as a boot cart and it only detects that at 16mbits too... So maybe when it was made they didn't know bigger games existed.

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