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This message was posted by Utopium, posted on December 03, 2001 at 09:53:34 coming from 162.33.63
This message is a reply to What exactly is HiROM? posted from sn0wman posted at December 02, 2001 at 13:04:56
> What exactly is HiROM? I know bigger and knewer SNES games use it. I don't think my copier (a Super Disk Interceptor) has a HiROM decoder. I tried to run Mario no Super Picross (J) on it and the game just comes up blank screen. inSNESt tells me it is HiROM... Could that be why it doesn't work? Is there a way to get around not having a HiROM decoder?

The SNES ran at two speeds, one for slower memory and one for faster. This was done to reduce the production costs of some carts. Essentially there are two seperate memory areas in the SNES, HiROM and LoROM. Where the game is actually adressed in memory depends on what speed it needs to use. If you have problems, you could have a bad header on your ROM. Use something like SNESTOOL to patch the header as a LoROM.

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