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This message was posted by The Dumper, posted on December 02, 2001 at 03:19:25 coming from 209.204.139
This message is a reply to Running Mario Kart posted from sn0wman posted at December 01, 2001 at 22:05:58
> Hi, I know Mario Kart won't run on my copier because it uses DSP. Am I correct in saying that DSP is _only_ for sound? If it is, is there a way the game can be cracked so it still is playable, just no sound? Also, will it work if I stick an actual DSP cart in the slot? My copier doesn't have the 2 mini-connectors on the side or doesn't DSP use that?

The DSP in the cart is used for graphic effects not for sound.

You don't need the outrigger connectors for DSP1-4 games, including Mario Kart.

What unit are you running? Some will allow you to pass thru DSP commands to a DSP cart on top and others won't. Since yours doesn't have the outrigger connectors I'm guessing it's an older unit. It may not pass thru the DSP commands to the top slot. Bung had this problem with the GDSF7 and the way they got around it was to put a DSP cart on the bottom, between the SNES and the GDSF7.

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