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This message was posted by foofoo, posted on November 28, 2001 at 19:25:49 coming from 24.221.255
This message is a reply to Re: snes utilities problem posted from foofoo posted at November 28, 2001 at 19:20:10
Try this:

Usage : inSNESt (switch) [input-file] output-file

i : View internal ROM information
c : Convert to specific copier type
s : Split file interactively
j : Join previously split image
r : Rename internal ROM Name

p : Attempt NTSC to PAL fix
n : Attempt PAL to NTSC fix
f : Slow ROM�protection fix
v : Apply PSF2 Save RAM fix
m : Save RAM protection fix
h : Checksum/CRC Repair fix

a : Affix IPS Patch to ROM
l : Create Listing of SNES ROMs
o : Pad ROM to valid Megabit size

? : inSNESt Help System
e : Credits and Resources

Here are a few more examples:

View internal ROM information:
C:\insnest\insnest.exe i ff3.smc

Apply an IPS patch to a ROM
C:\insnest\insnest.exe a ff5j.smc ff5-v110.ips

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