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This message was posted by foofoo, posted on November 28, 2001 at 17:34:09 coming from 24.221.255
This message is a reply to Super UFO 8+ floppy drive posted from foofoo posted at November 28, 2001 at 16:36:34
I used a few UNIX tools (fdformat, newfs_msdos) to format a 1.6 MB floppy (80 cylinders, 20 sectors) and made it recognizable under DOS. It is working perfect now. :)

> Hi,

> I noticed the Super UFO 8+ floppy drive can format disks up to 1.60 MB. Rather than using the Super UFO 8+ to format floppy disks, is it possible to format floppies on the PC at 1.60 MB?

> WinImage can only perform the following standard and non-standard format sizes:

> 1.44 MB
> 1.68 MB
> 1.72 MB (the documentation says this is not readable under NT)
> 2.88 MB

> My question is, can the Super UFO 8+ read 1.68 MB formatted floppy disks? Or is there another PC utility to format at the same size (1.60 MB) as the Super UFO 8+?

> Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)

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