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This message was posted by Q, posted on November 19, 2001 at 18:21:03 coming from 128.2.11
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This message is a reply to ToP plz (Dumper?) posted from wiepo posted at November 19, 2001 at 11:16:42
> Can somebody upload ToP for me? :)
> I tried everything, but i can't seem to get it work on my 64M SwcDX2 (PAL)
> I would be really happy if you upload it.. tnx
> Plz upload the working patched version of the ToP English patch (upper case font) to
> user account: wiepo
> passw: myass

You can't get the rom to work or you can't get the patch to work?

I dumped my original ToP cart on my SWCDX2 and it works fine :)
But I am using an NTSC SNES. I can send you a clean dump but can't guarantee that'll work with your hardware.

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