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This message was posted by Rob, posted on November 12, 2001 at 03:43:17 coming from 24.255.77
This message is a reply to Re: GBA Flash 256Mbit owners... posted from Julio posted at November 10, 2001 at 12:37:53

You heard wrong.

> I've heared that you are only able to save one eeprom game on the 256 at any given time.
> Which means you cannot have 2 or more eeprom games on the cart at the same time and save them both.

> > > Since this one finally supports all the save types (SRAM, EEPROM, Flash). I'm curious to know how it handles savegames with multiple gba games stored on it. Is it just like its Gameboy/color counterpart?

> > I'm guessing the 256M model will be like the 64M and 128M models. They have different savegame banks that you can specifically read or write to using the transfer software. I just ordered one so I can post the details in a few days when I get it.

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