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This message was posted by Ryan, posted on November 07, 2001 at 20:13:44 coming from 216.229.91
This message is a reply to Re: Broadband? posted from Throck posted at November 07, 2001 at 18:22:03
> What would be the point of broadband on a SNES? The 2nd player controller data takes so little bandwidth. What advantage would it give you?

Broadband = more bandwidth = less sync problems = better recovery when loss of sync occurs

Besides, I'd rather be able to hook it up to my existing network and cable modem than have it tie up a phone line.

I'm envisioning something like a DX2, with an integrated 10/100 ethernet chip (<$2.50 Realtek 8139C), a PLD or a CPU running an embedded OS like ucLinux in a minimal amount of RAM, with a TCP/IP stack to decode the data arriving from the ethernet interface. The BIOS of the unit, mapped into SNES memory space when the unit is turned on like a regular copier BIOS, would be a game-lobby type thing, that would then launch the cart or load game via parport, diskdual etc. The unit would also have flash memory that could save game states if the connection is broken, or by request. Finally, it would have a plug for the second controller port to emulate the controller based on the network information it receives.

God, this is a great idea! Why doesn't somebody build one?


It's just so much easier and cheaper. If something like the aforementioned was pulled off, it'd be one of the most massive hacks I'd ever have seen; it would take an _inordinate_ amount of time and patience for a single person to do. With emulators available that are basically The Real Thing, save for that smell when your console gets warm, and having an eject button, it'd be hard to find the motivation to undertake such a massive project anymore.

I would think.

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