Glue, I didn't call you a lier.

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This message was posted by Jake, posted on November 02, 2001 at 07:48:26 coming from 62.31.144
This message is a reply to Re: Can anyone help with the Doom savegame? posted from Glue posted at November 02, 2001 at 05:10:16
Glue m8,

The post wansn't ment for you it was to Matthias, he said the he patched Doom using Gep which is not possible because of the Intro. So what I was saying is that Matthias lied to you by saying he done it with GEP, why should he be able to patch it with Gep when no body else has managed to do it.

Sorry m8, if you though I was calling you a lier, but there is only one lier between the 3 of us, and thats Matthias.

> Hi,
> I don't get your message. I'm not lying. And I also won;t use such strong language as you do.

> Back to the problem: I tried GEP, it had some message saying: failed to patch EEPROM or something like that. It seems that some people don't have a problem (I think people with newer versions of the 64MB cart) and some people who do (with the older version). My question is, how do the carts differ?

> - Glue

> > You lying prick, did u never patched Doom by using GEP, because Doom had an intro which prevented it from being patch with GEP.

> > > > Hi,

> > > > Doom works fine on my GBA, but I cannot save the game. I have the first series of 64MB Flash Advance Carts that were sold at Lik Sang. I tried several patches but they all don't work.

> > Why lie.

> > > > With other games I did not have this problem. For example Tony Hawk 2 for the GBA I pathed my .gba file and could save games without any problem. With the Doom game it simply doesn't work.

> > > > Can someone explain me why it doesn't work? And also can the person who wrote the patch for Tony Hawk 2 also write a patch for Doom?

> > > > Thanks in advance.

> > > > Glue

> > > GEP patched Doom works fine for me... don't forget that you have to confirm by choosing 'yes' two times when you save.
> > > There are some lame EEPROM patches available from for example... those are completely obsolete though, since automatic patch programms (like GEP, GBAUtil, Ucon, LittleWriter) can do the same kind of stuff.

> > > -- Matthias

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