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This message was posted by matt, posted on October 23, 2001 at 19:55:42 coming from 66.30.188
This message is a reply to Re: Questions from a returner posted from The Dumper posted at October 23, 2001 at 03:22:39
Little question about Star Ocean and the 64mb Dx2. Couldnt you decompress the graphics of the beginning of the game, and keep it under 64mb, then when you get further in the game, decompress some other graphics and get rid of the beginning graphics...and keep going like that? Obviously, this would be pretty annoying, but would it work?

> > Hi there.
> > Last week while looking for Roms for the DC Sega Master Emulator I also found loads of Snes stuff in the internet. So I remembered the old times when I used to play with my Snes too. In 1993 I bought a Super Wild Card SMS 3201 with 16 MBit and played with it till 1995 when the PS came to my house. Of course in 1995 there was no internet and therefore no PC to Snes transfer. But now that I found all the Tools and Roms I finally digged out my old Snes and the wildcard and have alot of fun again with it. Actually I got so much fun I´m planning to buy a new SWC 2 from Lik Sang to be able to play all the games that are bigger than 16Mbits. Of course you all know, that these things are very expensive so I´m unsure whether I should by the 32 or 64 Mbit version. And so is my question to you:
> > Actually how many games are there that are larger than 32 Mbits and can be played with the SWC ( translated/patched RPGS inclcuded ) ?
> > Because if there aren´t too many I´m only gonna buy the 32 Mbit Version.
> > Acording to this I´m also intereseted if there is a listing of all Snes Roms that has got all the Rom Sizes in it? Because GoodSnes doesn´t afaik.

> > And another Question: If there are any Germans here in this Board, did you have to pay taxes when you ordered your SWCs from Lik Sang?

> > So that was a lot. Feel free to send me an E-mail if you got some infos you think could interest me even if they don´t concern my questions.

> Larger than 32Mb: FEOEZ, Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia, Dai Kaijyuu Monogatari II.

> Of those only ToP is fully playable on the 64Mb DX2. DKJM2 is playable without RTC support which may have some value.

> Star Ocean and FEOEZ use special chips for compression which means they won't work (well if you could decompress them first they would work except that then they wouldn't fit in a 64Mb DX2).

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