How can i make a Dsp support for my SWC DX2? Some german here for questions?

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This message was posted by Assel, posted on October 20, 2001 at 13:52:05 coming from 217.80.112
i have becoma a SWC DX 2!
with 100 Disks!
when i start dsp game..
its load it but then cames a black screen!
i dont have anydsp games
only Streetfighter Alpha 2 (a little bit damaged at slot)
My first question:
How can i suport my Games to Dsp( i have a Dsp game Mario kart)
simply set the Cardigde into the slot and run the game? or another method?
i have a SWC DX 2 PAl with 32mbits!
mysecondquestion: can i upgrade my Space From the Swc 2 32mbit? dx...
and how?
iam very thanx when some body german contact me:) icq:86590065 email:

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