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This message was posted by Enree., posted on October 19, 2001 at 03:37:49 coming from 207.74.112
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This message is a reply to Tales of Phantasia w/ Super Wild Card DX2 64 .. Please HELP!! posted from Enree. posted at October 17, 2001 at 14:43:35
WHEW!! Man, am I excited!!

After searching for what seemed like forever, downloading 7 different copies of Tales of Phantasia (using a 33.6k modem none the less) and testing out all the checksums using SMC...

I found a FIG file that was zipped.. so I said "why not try?" I downloaded the 4.5megs & converted it using Insnest to SMC format. Then checked it with SMC. As it turns out, the TOP.smc file had a header and was interleaved. So I de-interleaved it. So the filesize was larger than the example The Dumper had given... however, the checksum read bad and had the same crc nubmer. So I went ahead, patched it, sent it using VGS2000 and with only a slight bit of hope left... the screen went blank... 5 seconds later TA-DA! The thing worked... it actually worked... =)

I'm not sure if I'm going to have the same problems as Utopium and talking to people, but I'm just happy it works. Thank you The Dumper and thank you Utopium. You guys had helped me out a lot with the info you gave and inspiration that it works on a SWC.

This success story has taught me one thing... never give up on others or yourself.

Thanks for reading,

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