Question about N64 backups, Lik-sang, and other stuff :)

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This message was posted by matt, posted on October 18, 2001 at 21:45:01 coming from 66.30.188
A few questions for you console backup gurus:
#1) Can the CD64 be upgraded past its 256mbits? It looks like a good system but I want more memory.
#2) Same question about the Doctor V64.
#3) Is there anyway to get Lik-Sang to ship a V64Jr or V64 to the US? Has anyone had any dealings with them like this? Can they mark the package discreetly (ie, dont say its from lik-sang, make it look like a personal package) or do something to get around customs? (I know the answer is porbably no)
#4) If #3 is no, are there any other online import stores that CAN send V64's or V64jrs to the US?

Thanks alot for the info

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