Re: Double Pro Fighter with Sega 32x Problem?

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This message was posted by T.Reid, posted on October 11, 2001 at 17:53:38 coming from 192.25.240
This message is a reply to Re: Double Pro Fighter with Sega 32x Problem? posted from Rick posted at October 11, 2001 at 16:02:38
If it didn't use that mode, then perhaps you could even load 32x games in your dpf and play them. I'd like to see chn's Genesis DIY device test that...

> Many Thanks for the info. Wish there was somewas to bypass it. It's a real pain moving the items on and off the genesis.

> > Yeah, because 99% of the Genesis carts use the 16-bit mode. There's a few that don't (Phantasy Star?) and use the 8bit mode...those wouldn't (or shouldn't) work through the 32x. Your copier BIOS uses the Genesis's 8bit mode, so with the 32x there, it won't even boot because the 32x dosn't have the 8bit mode.

> >
> > > >Hmmm. I dont know about that. If you plug in a plain genesis cartridge the sega 32x allows it to work like if it is a straight through connector. Theoretically it should do the same with the DPF and allow it to go straight through.

> > >
> > > > I remember reading somewhere that Genesis/MD copiers run in an 8-bit mode (akin the sms) which is incompatible with the 32X

> > > >
> > > > > Hi there, I have a sega genesis system with a 32X on it. I noticed that i can plug in a genesis catridge and it functions as a pass-through when using the 32x device. However when i plug in the DPF it doesnt come up. If it take the 32x off the genesis and plug it directly in the DPF works fine. Anybody have any ideas how to make this device work with the 32X plugged in.

> > > > > Many Thanks in Advance,

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