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This message was posted by T.Reid, posted on October 11, 2001 at 14:52:08 coming from 192.25.240
This message is a reply to Re: SNES NP cart scans! posted from The Dumper posted at October 11, 2001 at 12:38:22
I had a friend get it for me Japan, at a convience store (like 7-11) :P I _may_ be able to hook you up with some if you really wanted. It comes with the menu already in it. it takes up 4Mbits. If you look at the scan of the cart, there's boxes labeled 1-7. There's stickers that you write the game on and stick it on the box. each box takes up 4Mbit (one eaten by the menu program). I'm not too concerned about multigaming it, i'd be happy just putting in one game at a time. I'm guessing the menu program just points to the address space of where the selected game is. It's updated when you put games on it at the kiosk.

If you look at the game list (, the number of 'F' Blocks represent each 4Mbit of Flash, and the 'B' Blocks represent each 16kbit of SRAM. So, you can have any combination of F blocks that total 7, or just one 8-Fblock game (just like the GBx/Mr. Flash setup).

> > Finally got it apart (thanks to the "melted-pen" method) and in the scanner. Follow the link. Pretty basic design: 2 Flash chips on the left, with the bigN security chip underneath. SRAM on the right above battery. And a nice big ASIC right in the middle. I'm going to try to get around a draw a schematic of what I can see connected via the traces on the pcb.

> Holy shit Batman! I completely missed your original post on this. This is pretty cool.

> Where did you get this? Or, more to the point, where can I get this? Are you in Japan? Can you buy one or two for me there? I'd really like to study this. I think you're really going to want a bunch of games loaded into it to study the menu code as well. You may want varying sizes of games loaded into it. You may want examples of all 4Mb games and all 8Mb games (how big of a game will they let you put in it) and a mix of game sizes.

> It's obviously got a memory mapper in the cart. The two major tasks will be to figure out what the memory mapping scheme is (and how it works) and how do you program it.

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