You'd have to enter the code every time you want to play it though

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This message was posted by Mike, posted on October 03, 2001 at 15:07:28 coming from 63.162.22
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This message is a reply to Than couldn't I just use that Goldfinger code instead of messing with a hex editor? posted from Andy posted at October 03, 2001 at 14:05:53
The only reason I play the rom on my gd is to play the game on a real snes with a hacked saveram. So every time I want to play it, instead of wasting time loading the game from disks, I just dump the cart into memory, load a saveram off a floppy, and enter in the code.

But if you don't have the cart, and keep the rom on disks, then you could just edit the rom, and not have to worry about the code every time.

I use hex workshop (old version 2.54,) but for general editing you can use hexposure, it's dos, but doesn't need command line options and stuff, it's made by the guy that makes tile layer pro, and you can get it at probably any emulation site (*cough zophars *cough.)

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