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This message was posted by Robbie, posted on October 01, 2001 at 18:03:48 coming from 212.126.136
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This message is a reply to The good old days posted from Utopium posted at September 30, 2001 at 18:42:33
Are any still active that I could see for myself? Were they private lines? could you download roms? what else could you do with them? Did Nintendo try to stop them? I want to know all about them!

Thanx, Robbie

> Ahhh, the memories. The internet is nothing compared to a BBS. I still have an old 486 sitting around that I plan on getting a BBS running on for the sake of the good old days. Even if I only get a couple people calling, its still good fun. :)

> To answer your question though, those are Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) you are referring to. You need some sort of terminal program to dialup with your modem. Hyperterminal is bundled with Windows these days and should do the trick.

> > Can some one explain to me what a 'board' is and how it works/worked? I found this:

> > ULTIMATE DREAM - The first board to start the console scene off! Supporting the Super Magic Drive, Super Magicom & Magic Super Griffin. It is also the main board to order the hardware, offering payment by credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Orders can be posted or FAXed. Full details on +44 (0)222 495919. (ALPHA FLIGHT)

> > GHOST - Running currently for I.C.S. This board offers files for the Megadrive, Super Famicom and PC-Engine, whereas most only offer files for the Megadrive and/or Famicom. So if you have a PC-Engine or Core Grafx and would like about 225 games.. well this is the board to call! +44 (0)91 264 5355 (ICS)

> > Whats it all about?

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