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This message was posted by MrSporty, posted on October 01, 2001 at 07:06:05 coming from 212.69.226
This message is a reply to Re: Upgrading 16M SWC (2.Xcc) to 32M... posted from The Dumper posted at September 26, 2001 at 02:32:21
> > > A few people have been posting recently asking about upgrading a 16M SWC (3201) to 32M. Thanks to MrSporty who recently posted info on the chips required, I've obtained a bag of old 1Mb 30pin SIMMs which should do the job nicely. I'm hoping to take digi-photos of the whole upgrade operation and make a "How to" website for anyone else who's interested. If everything is successful, I will also be offering the relevant chips - I'll post my progress in the near future.

> > > btw, can anyone tell me if the 2.6cc BIOS supports 32M?
> > Also, can anyone send me a -*WORKING*- 2.8cc SWC bios image or let me know where I can get one??

> > I don't know but I found some info on a web site that leads me to believe that bios 2.6cc only supports 24Mb. Also it looks like you may need an enhanced peel (pal?) to make this work.

> > Here is the quote I found:

> > FFe (the makers of the SWC) has released the "Turbo Upgrade Kit" for current SWC systems. It consists of a 24MB ram board, DOS 2.6CC, and a U12 18CV8 Peel. Estimated costs are between $135-$150. Check with your dealer for possible trade-in's of current 16MB ram boards for credit.

If it helps i can supply quite a bit of info regarding this procedure , the only thing that is actually eluding me at the mo is a dump of the PAL chip in a 32M unit. Ive got a bin image of the 2.8CC BIOS as well as a PAL dump from an unprotected 24M Wildcard if u want em .. ive also got the scans of a wildcard thats been upgraded from 24M to 32M , seems to require a few traces to be cut and wires soldered but ut plays chrono trigger :)

Mr S

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