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This message was posted by Tim, posted on September 30, 2001 at 20:48:25 coming from 24.169.129
This message is a reply to Re: How to save Genesis games with Double Pro Fighter posted from Reek Master of Roms posted at September 30, 2001 at 00:40:19
OK, now that I have loaded the ram data via the "load data" option on the menue screen I have a few more questions. First , where does this sram data reside? Secondly , how do you go about saving data after you start playing the game? I have tried to save by first selecting the save option from within the game and then turning the power off and then back on to get to the menue screen again. I then choose "save data" and it writes a 33k file to the disk. However, the DPF refuses to see the save file or the rom file after I do this. If I delete the save file but leave the rom file it will load just fine. But I have to delete the file from the disk using my computers disk drive because the DPF gives me a "no disk"error when I try to delete it from the menue screen. Curious of where this save data was stored I powered down both the Genesis and the DPF by unpluging the power supplies for a few minutes and then plugged them in and loaded a game. It still showed my saved place within the game! Now is the rom itself altered to save the game state or is it in the DPF somewhere unaffected by the unit being powered off?

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