Re: TRY A REAL US SNES to run it on!! (2cents) (nt)

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This message was posted by Arakon, posted on September 28, 2001 at 14:21:11 coming from 217.228.135
This message is a reply to Re: TRY A REAL US SNES to run it on!! (2cents) (nt) posted from Saeba posted at September 28, 2001 at 12:20:03
> > (nt)

> Yeah... and? USA ones are better just for being from USA? ;)
> They are ugly, and the connector isn't compatible as far I know with my SWCDX2...

I bought an extremely beaten up US snes for 4$, trashed the case, dremeled off the power plug, soldered a new plug in place, popped it into a european snes case, used a genny power supply and was set with a nice looking and well working SNES :P

and the banners on this board still crash netscape constantly.. I don't wanna use Virus Explorer all the time :(

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