Heres how to convert your emulator SRAM to work on a GDSF7/PSFII

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This message was posted by WarDogz, posted on September 28, 2001 at 04:03:44 coming from 208.45.242
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First load your game and write BRAM to disk this will give you a file that is 32,768 bytes (sfxxxxxx.b0x). Load this file in a Hex Editor and go to line 00002000h, copy 00002000h to 00007ff0h.

Open your emulator SRAM file (8,192 bytes) and paste 00002000h to 00007ff0h to the end of the file (under line 00001ff0h). Save and rename to sfxxxxxx.b0x. This gives you a 32,768 bytes file that will work on your GDSF7!

You will need to copy 00002000h to 00007ff0h from each games BRAM you want to convert. Its diffrent from game to game.

I done this with 6 diffrent games I had emu saves for and it worked every time! I was using Snes9x .srm.

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