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This message was posted by Saeba, posted on September 28, 2001 at 01:10:30 coming from 62.82.179
This message is a reply to Why Square games fail and ToP works... posted from Q posted at September 27, 2001 at 19:09:38
> The problem is not the size of the rom, but the clock speed. The snes has
> a settable clock speed, where the software can change the clock divider
> to increase the CPU speed. (Kinda like you used to be able to do with
> intel cpus.) Most games used the slower speed because the rom chips were
> not fast enough to handle the higher speed (so-called SlowROM games).

I know about SlowRoms and Fastones... I'll verify it with INSNEST and I'll test more fastrom games. Thanks for the info.

> Some of the newer games (Square in particular) used faster rom chips, and
> these FastROM games are the ones people are having problems with. It is
> not just Squaresoft games, Terranigma for example is also FastROM (Have you
> tried that one?)

Probably not ;)
I'll do it today and I'll info here.

> Now, in theory, the snes should be able to handle the higher speed without
> problems, but actually the margin is about the minimum they could get away
> with. Some SNESes can run fastrom games off cartridge, but when you add
> the extra load of the copier, it pushes it over the edge, and you start to
> see the sort of behavior you would expect to see from an overclocked system.
> I had a snes that would randomly crash on fastrom games, especially when it
> got too hot. Eventually I just got another snes and that one works fine.

But you talk about problems with SNES. I tried now two PALs (one switched to 60 Hz too) and one SFC and the same...

> Oh, the reason ToP works is because it is actually slowrom. There were
> some technical issues that made it infeasible to have such a large rom run
> at the higher speed.

I'll maintain trying more fastrom games like Terranigma.
Thanks again.

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