I'm with u guys, I need a parallel port cartridge (for ProFighterXTurbo2) B.A.D.L.Y !! (nt)

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This message was posted by Alcahest, posted on September 26, 2001 at 09:08:20 coming from 193.250.52
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This message is a reply to Re: paralell adaptor double pro fighter posted from Jeilong posted at September 26, 2001 at 07:48:41
> > anyone has plans for one or where do i find one?
> > i have checked the sites in the links page, no luck there...

> >
> > /daemon

> The CCL parallel port adapter (works with all Pro Fighter/Smart Bros. models) is fairly simple. It consists mainly of 2 very common ICs. One is a simple 74LSxx and the other is a PAL (Programmable Array Logic) chip.
> Unfortunately my own CCL parallel port adapter is broken. I can trace the circuit board for those interested, but only if someone get me the "logic" image for the PAL chip. Getting the image for the PAL chip could prove difficult when the chip has it's readprotection fuse blown.

> It's is very well possible to do a small production run of a parallel port adapter for Pro Fighter/Smart Bros models if we had the PAL logic available. I hereby volunteer to make that happen. But like I said, success depends on getting the image for the PAL chip.

> Regards,

> Jeilong

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