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This message was posted by The Dumper, posted on September 22, 2001 at 01:37:00 coming from 209.204.154
This message is a reply to Re: Super UFO 128mb expansion posted from sledge posted at September 14, 2001 at 11:13:41

> And a Super UFO with 128M will not win over a SWCDX2 with 64M since there are no games that needs more than 48M around. So it's quite useless to have over 48M.

Pretty much true, unless you do SNES development.

> Still the UFO is a good copier. Even with 34M it's a damn fine copier if you consider that it's half the price of a 32M SWCDX2.

Note that the Super UFO doesn't have any more DRAM than a 32M DX2. They have some wacky way of adding the the size of sram or bios or something to the total Mb size making theirs look bigger on paper but both units are 32Mb DRAM.

Does anyone know what the size of the SRAM is on the Super UFO?

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