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This message was posted by Utopium, posted on September 22, 2001 at 01:08:13 coming from 162.33.63
This message is a reply to Sekien Dentsu 3... again... posted from newb posted at September 21, 2001 at 22:43:41
Grab a copy of inSNESt and convert the ROM image to the UFO format. I had a similar problem on my DX2 and using that utility pretty much fixed it.

> Ok, I think a game faq should be made for these types of games, since I think thier asked a lot, but oh well. :)

> Ok, I just CAN'T get Sekien Dentsu 3 to load on my Super UFO. The first time I split the translated version of it onto 4 disks and loaded it in my SUFO, the title of it came up as "#%)*^&#@_%(#*", or something like that. Bad header i thought(or the fact that it may of been in japanese but I think the SUFO woulda seen that.), so I deleted the header of the rom, and added a new one(saying it's a hirom file and didn't disable static ram). I loaded it into my SUFO again, and this time it started up, Yey. Well, as soon as I hit start at the title screen, the screen goes black and it freezes. It's strange though, cause I was able to access the sound menu, but i couldn't actaully start the game. I tried spliting the rom again, and copying it, but still the same problem... anyone know what's wrong?

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