Got a Multi Game Doctor 2 and three CDs (pressed, not CD-Rs) of games in the Game Doctor SFxxxxxx format. Need instructions.

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This message was posted by Mark, posted on September 19, 2001 at 16:41:40 coming from 213.122.165

I recently obtained a Multi Game Doctor 2. Specifically, an MGD2 main unit, DRAM shell cartridges for SNES & Mega Drive, a 32Mbit DRAM card, and main unit-to-DRAM-shell link cable.

Does anyone have instructions on how to use this? The two-character display on the main unit is quite cryptic, and I can't read the Chinese label on the back.

It looks like there used to be instructions on the web site, but they are not there now.

Also, I want to make up a PC link cable. It looks like that could be pretty simple, perhaps just pin-to-pin connections. Does anyone have a PC link cable that they would be willing to take apart, or know what the pin connections are?

-- Mark

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