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This message was posted by Arakon, posted on September 17, 2001 at 20:23:33 coming from 217.86.3
This message is a reply to Re: Not directly a copier msg, but hey... posted from Matthias posted at September 17, 2001 at 19:18:58
> > I bought Skies of Arcadia today for my Dreamcast. And what a beauty. It's so good looking and is still exactly what does good old 2D RPGS looks like. I'm in love...

> Finished it yesterday at 2 am, four hours before I had my first day at "army-alternative-service" (called "zivildienst" in germany, something you do when you don't want to go to army even though it's duty in the country you live in... doing social work and such. Dunno what's the correct english expression, maybe Arakon [or somebody else] will find a better word for it)... at least I was quite tired due to this game today ;) ). A lot of coffee kept me awake though (some beers later, it's now ~1.00 am here now).

"Social Service" seems to work.. there simply is no actual word for it in english.

> But, umh, what I wanted to say... this game is the damn best RPG I've ever played recently... the only "next-gen" RPG I liked better was 'Lunar - the Silver Star Story Complete' on PSX and that wasn't really new (don't have 'Eternal Blue' PSX yet, but I'm looking forward getting that soon :) SegaCD version is somewhere on my HD waiting to be burned, though). SoA had everything I expected from a good game... nice storyline, good gameplay and I *loved* those airship battles, which brought a touch of strategy into the game. Regular fights got a little bit to long IMO though, especially in the last ~10-15 hours when you have all flavours of special attacks which took a lot of time to execute (like Pirate's Wrath, Omega Psyclone, the Judgement or Lunar Light... had plenty of time to eat something, smoke a cigarette or play a level of Toki Tori/GBC [ the latter one at least the last two days ;) ]).

you can skip all special attacks (but not magics) by hitting start in the first 5-10 secs of the animation.

> [spoiler (kind of, at least)]
> You should really be careful not to overlook some crew members for the Delphinus, they're not really important but you're missing some of the biographies like I did in the end sequence :/
> [/spoiler]

I got them all :P

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