YES! My SWCDX2 is working with my SFC! Thanks The Dumper ! And more, of course... (Question for sledge too)

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This message was posted by Saeba, posted on September 15, 2001 at 21:06:37 coming from 62.82.173
As I said (always) I had problems with my SWCDX2. Now I'm using it from a SFC (not PAL SNES). Of course I tried japanese version of Chrono Trigger (japanese version) but it continues hanging. It's 2:55 am here now, then I'll try tomorrow again from floppy disk. That'll be my last test. If it continues, then new SWCDX2 (or ones from near february) are bugged. I took pics from inside if someone is interested (for verifying RAM and so on).
And sledge, again, did you tried the reset button in Mario Kart cart? I did, and then the GFX problems during the raced were fixed. Try please, and give me that info.

Nothing more.


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