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This message was posted by Saeba, posted on September 13, 2001 at 20:02:18 coming from 62.82.153
This message is a reply to The Mario Kart problem with new SWCDX2, read more... posted from Sledge posted at September 13, 2001 at 08:40:26
> Someone said he had a new SWCDX2 that didn't work correctly with Mario Kart.

> I have now got my hands on a Mario Kart game cartridge (PAL version). I first tried to play it through the SWCDX2 (run the cartridge). Then I get graphics problem in the upper screen (the one that mario is driving in). I then tried to dump the cartridge to a disk and then loaded it. The game got the same strange graphics problem as when I played the cart through the copier.

> I then downloaded Mario Kart ROM from I downloaded both the PAL and NTSC version of the game. Both worked completely fine (I had the PAL cartridge insterted in the SWCDX2 too ofcoz).

> So conclusion: I cannot play my PAL cart when it's on top of the SWCDX2, nor can I dump it and play it. But I can play the Mario Kart ROM I downloaded from Cherry roms. And I can also play all other DSP-games I have downloaded (10 games I think).

> So you can play the game, but you can't dump your own cart and play it.

> Quite odd. Is there someone who knows why it behaves like this?

Well, I don't know, but I can say you... try to turn on the game in the SWCDX2 (run the cart). You can see gfx glitches. Then do a reset (from the button on SNES/SFC, no combination keys). The gfx glitches are gone (if your problem and mine are the same).
I hope we'll guess the solution ;)


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