Re: I'm gonna buy the 64mbit SWC from, but I have a few questions first.

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This message was posted by The Dumper, posted on September 13, 2001 at 02:20:19 coming from 209.204.154
This message is a reply to I'm gonna buy the 64mbit SWC from, but I have a few questions first. posted from Andy posted at September 12, 2001 at 21:26:31
First of all I recommend you check out Fat_Mike's FAQ. It'll give you a lot of information on more than what you've asked here.

> For one, what games (without accual carts), exactly, can't be played through the SWC? The only real reason I'm getting it is cause I wanna play three awesome Japanese games in english on my TV: Seiken Densetsu 3, Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean.

> I know that ToP and SO use a certain type of graphics compression, and SO uses sound compression, but do these use any chips like SFX, SFX2 (which, I think, can't be played with the SWC).

SD3 can be played on a 32Mb DX2. Both SD3 and ToP can be played without problems on a 64Mb DX2. Star Ocean likely will not be playable on a backup unit. It uses the S-DD1 chip which does graphic compression and you won't be able to fit the uncompressed graphics in a 64Mb DX2.

> And what, exactly do they mean by "DSP support w/plugin". What plugin?

A cart with only a DSP workalike in it, no game. It plugs into the top of the DX2. I recommend you don't get it. It'll probably be cheaper for you to pick up a real DSP cart like Super Mario Kart that you can use. There are so many DSP variants that no matter what you use it won't work for all DSP games.

> So basically, I just wanna know if these three roms'll work on the SWC. But any other games that don't work would be great to know about, too.

Almost all games that don't use a special chip should work fine with the exception of games that use more SRAM than the DX2 provides.

Most DSP games can work with a compatable DSP adapter or cart but you'll have to get a lot of them.

There are a group of special chip games that use the SA1, S-DD1, SPC7110, and a couple of others that won't work (including Star Ocean).

> Also, does the SWC come with a parallel port connector, or can I use my printer cable?

Yes and no. The DX2 comes with a parallel port and you can't use a standard PC printer cable to connect it you need a different cable. See the FAQ.

> Thanks in advance :D

> (BTW - I'll probably have more questions once I can think of 'em, thanks!)

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