Re: As promised... The Tales of Phantasia 32mbits sound patch!

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This message was posted by Matthias, posted on September 05, 2001 at 20:36:46 coming from 217.86.98
This message is a reply to As promised... The Tales of Phantasia 32mbits sound patch! posted from OldSchoolSnesPirate posted at September 05, 2001 at 18:02:16
Well, I've experimented with this patch a little bit (splitted it into 6x1 MByte pieces, deleted the first two, re-joined the rest and then patched it), but it didn't work... didn't surprise me very much, though, since I only have access to the "new" uninterleaved SWC dump. Popcorn talks about a SWC conversion in his NFO, but I don't think this de-interleaved the ROM Image, so it should work on the original GDSF Version.

Anyone who wants to experiment with that patch can download it HERE... at least easier than typing all this into a HexEditor ;) .

btw, thanks a lot for sharing, OldSchoolSnesPirate!

-- Matthias

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